Capturing the full value of the firm using ‘blended value’

[Just want to share a cool presentation on a very interesting new field: how to value non-financial benefits and costs of companies. I am honored to have been invited as one of the first-round judges in this year’s Global Social Venture Competition for Southeast Asia, and I found that experience invaluable in teaching Business and Society class at Thammasat. Contents below, both text and embedded video, are copied from KaosCapital. A lot of cool things have been happening in business lately; unfortunately, they are still vastly under-reported by the Thai press that is still too preoccupied with “CSR” fad to start asking hard questions such as: how to distinguish real from fake CSR.]

“CAPTURING THE FULL VALUE OF THE FIRM USING BLENDED VALUE” – download Powerpoint slides [2.5MB] or PDF format [1.5MB] – by two thought leaders in the area of blended valuation from SVT Consulting Group and HIP Investor from San Francisco. The presentation shows latest approach on capturing an organization’s blended value in terms of social and environmental impact. New approaches of financial valuation are being created to incorporate intangibles such as the value firms create for society or the environment, in addition to tradition financial valuation. Blended valuation techniques enable regular business or non-profit organizations to express their impact in such a way that can be clearly understood by the investment community.

The event is organized by MAI and Global Social Venture Competition for Southeast Asia (GSVC-SEA) by International MBA Program, Thammasat University. The presentation was podcasted by TRN Institute.