Pictorial signature

a pictorial signature This is a cool signature of a guy – I think he’s EVP of retail banking or somesuch – who signed a letter I got in the mail a couple of days ago from a local bank. What makes this signature cool is its pictorial nature: the first character is how the number “1” is represented in Thai (yes, we have our own way of writing numbers, how cool is that? ;)), and the second character is in fact a picture of a Bodhi tree leaf. Since the guy’s first name contains the word “Ek” (which means “one” in Thai) and his last name starts with “Bodhi,” this signature nicely captures the essence of his name.

I wonder what signature-reading fortune tellers can divine from this guy’s signature… maybe all they can say is that he’s got a great penmanship 😉 It’s definitely the first pictorial signature I’ve ever come across (I mean for a written language that comprises of alphabets, like English).