More interesting papers from 10th Int’l Conference on Thai Studies

Just want to share a few more papers from the 10th International Conference on Thai Studies that I find interesting (sadly, most papers on “sufficiency economy” and “locality of mobility” sessions are missing from the CDs provided at the conference upon registration, which is where these files are from):

  1. The Revolt of Khun Phaen by Chris Baker [PDF, 39 pages]
  2. The (More Than) Half-Full Glass: Thailand’s Democracy in Comparative Perspective by Daniel Lynch [PDF, 36 pages]
  3. Coups and Military in the Making of Thai Democracy by Thanet Aphornsuvan [PDF, 16 pages]
  4. Imagined Futures: Sufficiency Economy and Other Visions of Rural Thailand by Robert Dayley [PDF, 18 pages]
  5. Thailand Alter-Green Revolution by Roland Poupon [PDF, 36 pages]
  6. The National Assembly: an Ironic Reflection of Thai Democracy by Koompong Noobanjong [PDF, 12 pages]
  7. Thai Dwelling Place: A Reference to Auspicious Domain by Supakit Yimsrual [PDF, 13 pages]